Aya Safiya is a Bay Area born USA bicoastal singer, songwriter and violinist.

With a hauntingly beautiful voice, she captivates her listener and puts her audiences in a spell.


Aya's original music transcends genre, with influences including; Adele, Gillian Welch, Hozier, and Lauryn Hill. She has both a smokiness that elicits a nostalgia of old world folk and blues and a refreshing sweetness that pays homage to today’s pop. Through her songs, Aya hopes to express her truest self and connect with others with shared emotions.


Aya also has a rich background in world music—especially traditional Greek music, which she has studied her whole life. She performs world and/or traditional Greek music with various groups including: Agapi Mou, Café Aegean, Romantique, Taraf de Locos, and The Aya & Tano Collective.