Aya Safiya is a Boston and San Francisco Bay Area based Pop singer songwriter whose style is Indie-pop and Electro-folk. Aya also has a rich background in world music. She specializes in traditional Balkan and Greek violin and vocals. She is a violinist, singer, performer, and teacher.


With a hauntingly beautiful voice, Aya Safiya captivates her listener and puts them in a spell. She has both a smokiness that elicits a nostalgia of old world folk and blues and a refreshing sweetness that pays homage to today’s pop. Although Aya's original music may be considered indie-pop or electro-folk, catchy and familiar, it also has an intriguing uniqueness that reflects her multicultural background. As a Japanese-American raised in Berkeley, California, Aya’s musical influences include iconic American and British singer-songwriters such as Gillian Welch, Hozier, and Lauryn Hill, JPop stars including Misora Hibari and Shiina Ringo, and genres ranging from bluegrass and rock to pop and Bay-slap. Also hidden in her songwriting and singing style is her life-long love of Greek and Balkan folk music, which she has studied through voice and violin with instructors in the United States and the Balkans. In addition to her activity as a singer-songwriter and pop artist, Aya can be found performing her interpretation of traditional songs from the Mediterranean, the Rromani diaspora, and island cultures. Many languages are present in her music, including English, Japanese, Greek, and more.


Aya Safiya was introduced to music early through her musical family and was given the violin at age 6. She continued to study traditional Greek violin intensively, with master violinists such as Nicos Chatzopoulos and Nikos Oikonomidhis, but she always recognized her voice as the instrument she deeply connected with. With guidance from great vocalists such as Eva Salina, Katerina Papadhopoulou, Kina Mendez, Merita Halili, she began to cultivate her voice and at age 15 started her career as a performing vocalist and violinist. She has gone on to perform at national and international festivals, and at renowned venues such as The Freight and Salvage in Berkeley, The Great American Music Hall in SF, the Grand Prospect Hall in NYC, and the House of Blues in Boston, the city where she is currently based. Group projects which are currently active include Agapi Mou, Romantique, Sarma Brass Band, Taraf de Locos, and The Aya & Tano Collective. Through her music, Aya hopes to bring awareness to issues both inter- and intra-personal, and to inspire the acceptance of emotions, and the value of self-expression, art, and beauty.


Services include live performance, studio recording, violin/vocal instruction, tarot consultation, English-Japanese Interpreting/translation, illustration, graphic design, and modeling. For more info about a specific service, please select the respective page from the menu.