Aya Safiya is a Boston and San Francisco Bay Area based vocalist, violinist and violin teacher who specializes in American Pop and traditional Greek and Balkan music. She performs solo and with larger groups. Book her if you are looking for a Greek band, Balkan band, and/or Wedding band.


Aya Safiya is a Bay Area born singer, songwriter and violinist. With a hauntingly beautiful voice, Aya captivates her listener and puts her audiences in a spell. She has both a smokiness that elicits a nostalgia of old world folk and blues, and a refreshing sweetness that pays homage to today’s pop.

Surrounded by a family and community of musicians, Aya started her career performing traditional and world music at age 15 at venues such as The Freight and Salvage in Berkeley, The Great American Music Hall in SF, the Grand Prospect Hall in NYC, and House of Blues in Boston. Now based in Boston, she has rediscovered her love for songwriting, and has shifted focus to recording her original songs. In 2017 her first single “What Do You Do” was premiered on SF Weekly. Her debut EP, produced by composer/producer Tano Brock, was released in September of 2018. The songs are lyric heavy with topics ranging from sweet romance to female empowerment. Through her music, Aya hopes to express her truest self and connect with others with shared emotions.

Aya “Safiya’s sound is engaging and catchy, yet it defies standard categorization…Despite coming of age in a seemingly fully-saturated market, the artist has…crafted a standout sonic persona.” —Mitch Mosk (Atwood Magazine)

“In her new EP, it's not too difficult to pick out…[her influences]: the eerie melodies of Feist, the powerful choruses of Hozier, the deft lyricism of Lauryn Hill, the folksy harmonies of Gillian Welch.” —Madeline Wells (East Bay Express)

“Listen closely…and you’ll notice Aya Safiya’s numerous singing styles, which range from soft and breathy, to deep and smokey, to high-pitched and saccharine.” —Jessie Schiewe (SF Weekly)