Aya Safiya in the press: featured on Atwood Magazine, DopeCauseWeSaid, East Bay Express, Opal Music Blog, & SF Weekly. Aya Safiya, based in Boston and the San Francisco Bay Area, is a Pop singer songwriter whose style is Indie-pop and Electro-folk.


by Jocelle on July 5, 2019


Japanese-American singer-songwriter Aya Safiya takes a musical deep dive into rediscovering her heritage with new single '別れ歌 Wakare -Uta'.

Previously performing more in the World music genre - Balkan and Mediterranean music to be exact - the creative has often struggled to reconcile her many interests and diverse heritage. However on this latest track, Safiya shares that she feels she's hit some new ground.

"I perform in so many different genres and projects... I’ve been excited about this task because juggling them all has become overwhelming and I continued to brainstorm how I would best represent my music/brand I started to think bringing in the Japanese element actually might tie everything together since it’s singer-songwriter and pop like my music in English, but “worldly” like the Mediterranean and Balkan music I sing…

EP Review: Aya Safiya’s Sweetly Enchanting and Assertive Debut

by Mitch Mosk on September 21, 2018


Aya Safiya’s self-titled debut EP offers the kind of fresh messages and rich sounds that will ultimately help push music forward. Independently released last Friday, 9/14/2018, the five-track Aya Safiya EP is more than an introduction to the Boston by-way-of Bay Area singer, songwriter, and violinist: It’s an assertion of powerful emotions and meaningful experiences, reflections on life, and aspirations for a better world.

Safiya’s sound is engaging and catchy, yet it defies standard categorization: Nuances of electro-folk and indie pop bring to the fore artists like Tennis or HAIM, yet such comparisons are merely for perspective: Despite coming of age in a seemingly fully-saturated market, the artist has (with the help of producer Tano Brock) crafted a standout sonic persona.

Safiya’s sweet and smoky voice is on full display throughout the EP, yet…

World Music Maestro Aya Safiya Makes Her Pop Debut

With her new EP, the East Bay-bred singer-songwriter doesn't completely leave her roots behind.


by Madeline Wells on September 11, 2018


Aya Safiya is a traditional Greek musician perched on the cusp of something new. She's a violinist and vocalist trained in North African, flamenco, Balkan, Greek, and Turkish techniques, but if you ask her, you won't find any evidence of her world music background on her self-titled debut EP. That's because for the first time, Safiya is making pop music.

"I've always wanted to do pop and rock because that's what I grew up with," she said. She recalls a cassette tape by The Beatles being the first thing she ever chose to listen to when she was 7 years old. In her new EP, it's not too difficult to pick out the mainstream influences she cites…

Premiere: ‘What Do You Do’ by Aya Safiya

This rollicking, folk-rock ditty is filled with lush instrumentals and soothing vocals.


by Jessie Shiewe on May 8, 2017


Most people have had crushes in their lives. (I know I certainly have.) And sometimes, those crushes can be problematic, say, if the dude in question is your best friend’s boyfriend or if the girl you like is your sister’s friend.

In Aya Safiya‘s debut single, “What Do You Do,” she tackles this problem, cooing in the song’s chorus, “What do you do / When you love someone, you’re not supposed to?”

Her answer — especially if you’re mooning over someone you really can’t tell anyone about — is to “shout it out to the world in a song.”

The lush, dreamy folk-rock number also showcases…