is an electro-folk/ indie-pop/ J-pop artist and singer-songwriter based in NYC who travels to the SF Bay Area semi-regularly.


is a separate solo project in which Aya focuses on interpreting traditional songs from the Mediterranean, the Rromani diaspora, and island cultures. Bay Area-born and currently based in NYC, Aya has traveled to the Balkans, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Okinawa, and Cuba in search of not only music, but also a deeper understanding of the traditions from which the music comes.


is Aya Safiya and Tano Brock’s electropop/ tropical house/ dance duo based in NYC. With worldly influences and catchy hooks this project is made to make you sing along and dance!


Aya is the lead vocalist in Sarma Brass Band, a Brooklyn and Boston based 10-piece Balkan Brass Band that evokes the energetic grooves and soaring melodies of the Balkan Roma. The band draws upon founder/leader Tano Brock’s upbringing in the Balkan music scene in Northern California, as well as his travels and studies throughout the Balkans. They play original material as well as a variety of traditional music from Macedonia, Serbia, Greece, and Albania. Featuring musicians from the US, Serbia, Turkey, and Palestine, Sarma Brass Band represents an international love of Balkan Brass.



Over the past 22 years Aya has carefully crafted a multi-cultural solo set that best represents her as a violinist. Her set is comprised of melodies from around the world, ranging from the Balkans, to the Middle East, to old-time America, and classical Europe, with both cultural and individual authenticity. The overall sound is earthy, colourful, and delicate.


Led by Aya Safiya and Tano Brock, The Aya & Tano Collective is an eclectic musical project based in New York City. They perform as a duo or with additional musicians depending on the occasion. They specialize in traditional Balkan, Albanian, and Greek music, as well as original and standard American Pop and wedding songs.