Aya Safiya is a teacher of regional Greek violin technique. With the Aya & Tano collective she also offers Balkan and Greek group singing classes. Book her now for a group workshop or private lessons, available in person in New York City and via FaceTime / Skype.


Individual Lessons or Group classes for Regional Greek Violin Technique w/ Aya Safiya

This is an intermediate to advanced violin class, but experience with Greek music is not required.

Violin is the primary melodic instrument of Greek music, so there are many different regional styles and techniques. The objective of this class is to learn basic violin techniques from distinct regions across Greece. The class focuses on rhythm/bowing and ornamentation, which are taught through traditional tunes, and includes a basic introduction to maqam and moria.

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Balkan + Greek Group Singing w/ The Aya & Tano Collective

This class is geared toward both beginning and intermediate singers.

This vocal class is designed for people who are interested in stepping into or diving deeper into the world of Balkan and Greek singing. The goal is for students to add a variety of beautiful songs to their repertoire, to learn technique which makes Balkan and Greek singing what they are, and to have fun! About 90% of the material are songs appropriate for group singing. On a typical class day we focus on one traditional song, and first go over pronunciation, then melody, then how layers are made in this style of music, then minor ornamentation. For the 10% of material that are songs more appropriate for solo singing, we will dive deeper into the ornamentation and moria.

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