Aya Safiya is a Tarot reader and provides Tarot readings for parties / events as well as private consultations. She is available in person in New York City, or via FaceTime / Skype.


Aya Safiya provides Tarot consultations in private sessions (in-person or FaceTime/FB Video Chat/Skype), and at private and public events. Aya reads with both the Jodorowsky version of the Tarot de Marseille deck, and the Smith-Waite Centennial deck. After studying under Blue June and Brian Oaster of Catland in New York City, she has designed her own method of reading.

When you enter a Tarot reading with Aya Safiya you enter your own world. It's all about you, your curiosity, your potential, your space. Aya is merely a mediator between you and the Tarot. In her readings, you will have your questions and concerns answered, learn a little bit about the philosophy of Tarot, and most importantly you will leave inspired. She reads with honesty and depth, but also with a lightness that keeps you uplifted.


DISCLAIMER: Aya is a consultant, not a counselor or doctor